Welcome to the website of VANBRITSOM.Amsterdam

An online outlet gallery of genuine, original artifacts with bona fide provenance. For instance Soviet Union Avantgarde and reference  library; China scrolls, ceramics, and reference library; Africana and reference library; several prints and original posters of contemporary / modern Dutch sculptures/bronzes.

The African part is collected by a former Dutch KLM aviator  J. Van Barneveld, throughout a period of the late thirties, fourthies, fifties and sixties of the past century. 

Furthermore, the collection includes artifacts from Dutch collectors like H.Kouw, Mamadou Keita Amsterdam, Lier, Aalderink, Lemaire, Felius, and Groenhuizen as well as many other pieces from France, Belgium, Germany and Scandinavian collectors. 

Moreover, there are various strinkingly items of numerous other European and American dealers /collectors.  

As this is a private collection and never been presented in any commericial way, pieces are only offered to interesting parties having identified themselves. An e-mail containing all relevant information can be sent to the following address: info@vanbritsom.amsterdam  

Visits and inspections are only to be made in Amsterdam, the Netherlands upon appointment.

Please be advised that:

1. While sending 3D ceramic artefacts outside the Netherlands (Europe) by air, crossing borders, the artefacts will probably be submitted to  customs X-ray scanners and background radiation may be deleted.

2. C14 and Thermoluminescence tests on wood could be provided respectively by Groningen (NL)  or Oxford University (U.K.).
Testing fees apply and will start as of approximately € 500,00 to be borne by the potential buyer. Such expenses are payable in advance and whether any negative or positive results, they are non-refundable (€ 150 sample taker+ € 350 institution).

After agreement payments are to be conducted by bank transfer (bank to bank) or irrevocable L.C.  
Personal Bank Checks, PayPal or Credit Cards are not accepted.
Prices  as noted on the receipts are INCLUDED packaging and  V.A.T.;   F.O.B. Netherlands port.

3. The purchases, will be eligible for a refund within a month as of the retail date and mutually accepted by seller and buyer, in case proven that the purchase is not authentic, a forgery or stolen. A certified expertise report at the expense of the purchaser, witnessed by two recognized experts in the field, should be submitted.